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2021-2024 IDEA Faculty Fellows, Ednilson Bernardes, Heather Carter-Templeton, Kathryn Gazal, Zhichao (Vincent) Liu and Brian Woerner

WVU faculty chosen for sixth IDEA Fellows cohort

Five new West Virginia University faculty members have been selected by the Office of the Provost following a rigorous application process as the recipients of the 2022-24 Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Applied Faculty Fellowship, a multi-disciplinary initiative to bolster WVU’s culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Heather Fetty works with members of the West Virginia National Guard

Real-world experience in virtual safety gives students cybersecurity skills via Department of Defense partnership

At a U.S. Army base command center, a computer beeps and displays a warning: the power has gone down in one corner of the base. Cybersecurity experts jump into action. They ensure critical systems are on backup generators as they search for the reason for the outage. One of them points to her screen and calls out that the power grid’s information system has been compromised—a cyber attack is likely underway.

Wenyuan Li looks through various pieces of equipment

WVU researchers to improve the flow of renewable energy to power plants with $7.5 million in grants

Integrating renewable energy with the power grid continues to be a big challenge for the electrical grid infrastructure in the United States. While the solution isn’t simple, it’s not impossible either, and researchers from West Virginia University have been competitively awarded $7.5 million from the United States Department of Energy to help solve a critical part of the problem.

Piyush Mehta

Future trillion dollar ‘space economy’ threatened by debris, NSF CAREER Award recipient says

The space economy is on track to be valued at a trillion dollars by the end of 2030, according to Piyush Mehta, Wayne and Kathy Richards Faculty Fellow and assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at West Virginia University. Yet space assets – equipment that is placed in space such as navigation, weather and communication satellites that serve our society daily – are threatened by space debris.