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Assistant Professor Nicholas Szczecinski will investigate how animals, particularly stick-insects and cockroaches, measure and respond to forces acting on their legs as they walk.

WVU researcher’s insect-inspired robots could advance space exploration, agriculture and mining

A WVU engineer is combining the study of neuroscience and robotics to better understand the nervous system and motor output of insects to create animal-like robots for potential use in agriculture, mining and space exploration.
Research led by David Mebane, of the WVU Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, will tackle climate change by using carbon capture and utilization technology

WVU leading the fight against climate change through $6 million NSF carbon capture and utilization project

Engineers are tackling climate change in the Mountain State by using carbon capture and utilization technology to slow the rate of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, while moving us closer to a fully renewable economy.  
Hailin Li

WVU scientist earns $2.5 million to help pump the brakes on diesel emissions

As part of a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to slash carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, one WVU engineer will target heavy-duty diesel engines. 
Xueyan Song

WVU engineer receives $1.25 million to fuel a cleaner future through hydrogen

A recent $1.25 million award to West Virginia University will aid a project aimed at producing a higher amount of hydrogen gas – a clean fuel – with less electric power consumption.


Sheree Gibson

Former international ergonomics consultant to deliver Gochenour Lecture at WVU

Sheree Gibson, a 1979 MAE graduate delivered the annual Gochenour Lecture hosted by the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering on Oct. 28.
Emily Calandrelli

WVU alumna Emily Calandrelli visits Morgantown campus to meet with women and non-binary students

Emily Calandrelli, a Statler College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host, met with women and non-binary students on WVU’s downtown campus to discuss the Brooke Owens Fellowship and present an inspirational testimonial for students to pursue STEM-related careers.


Members of Team Mountaineers attended the awards ceremony held at Space Center Houston on Monday, Sept. 27.

WVU robotics team places 6th in final round of NASA Centennial Challenge

After two years of overcoming adversities, hours of hard work and nearly 35,000 lines of code later, Team Mountaineers from the Statler College placed 6th out of 22 teams who qualified for the final round of the NASA Centennial Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2.
West Virginia University’s EcoCAR team consisting of 90 students finished third in the four-year competition to redesign the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer into an energy-efficient hybrid.

WVU finishes third in EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Year Three competition

The culmination of three years of dedication, research excellence and the work of nearly 90 students across multiple disciplines has propelled the WVU EcoCAR team to a successful finish in year three of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather and changes of the season. We have had an exciting fall semester and continue to have student, faculty and staff successes to be proud of. This issue of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering newsletter highlights some of our recent research awards in our areas of strength: aerospace systems, combustion and energy systems, materials science and robotics.

This semester, we welcomed three new faculty members—Associate Professor Omid Askari, Associate Professor Loren Reith, and Teaching Assistant Professor Emily Spayde.

You will find that our department is engaged in a wide variety of exciting projects from a diverse set of sponsors. To learn more news about our research activities please follow our department’s Twitter @WVU_MAEResearch.

Best Regards,

Jacky Prucz
Jacky Prucz
Chairperson, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
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