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Dean's Message Fall 2021


Dear friends and colleagues,

Attending college is a pivotal life experience. Beyond education — self-discovery, personal growth and career and life-readiness are all aspects of a successful and well-rounded college experience. At the Statler College, there are many doors that lead to opportunities to expand on these areas of life.

Learning in a classroom environment invites space for discussion of new perspectives and ideas and gives a deeper understanding of a given concept. Moreover, internships and co-op experiences help apply what has been learned in the classroom in a real-world situation, which is critical for a future career. These opportunities are a valuable complement to the outstanding education received at West Virginia University.

In this issue of Engineering WV Magazine, you will hear firsthand experiences from students, many of whom have traveled around the country to participate in co-op and internship experiences, and how it shaped their academic journey and beyond. Additionally, you will hear about the strong relationships the College has formed with corporations in and out of the state who have continually hired our students for internships — many of which have led to successful full-time careers with the company or in the field.

Although it may slightly delay graduation, an internship or co-op experience can be invaluable to our students’ personal and professional development. It is an opportunity for students to evaluate the company or industry, and, at the same time, for the employer to see how the students perform. This gives students the opportunity to develop the work skills that most companies look for in the graduates they hire.

The Career Services Center housed in our College provides our students with opportunities for practical, real-world experience and helps them find great jobs after graduation, which you will learn more about later in this issue. Our students have interned with companies like Toyota, Amazon, NASA, FedEx, Hershey, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Volvo Group, and Williams to name a few. I strongly encourage all students to explore the possibilities of these experiences within our College and we invite all local companies to participate in our exciting co-op and internship program.

We’re all on our own journey — what will yours be?

Pedro J. Mago, Glen H. Hiner Dean