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In each issue of EngineeringWV, we take a deep dive into the successes of the Statler College. Read about R1 classified research discoveries, accomplishments faculty, staff and students, while keeping up to date with our successful alumni and generous doors. The bi-annual publication helps our community stay connected by sharing exciting news and information about the College’s students, faculty and staff members, and alumni.

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FALL 2023

Tucked away on the Evansdale Campus at WVU, a beacon of innovation has emerged fostering an ecosystem of creativity and entrepreneurship. In this edition of EngineeringWV, the Lane Innovation Hub has evolved into student-focused makerspace and a manufacturing service center that was conceptualized as part of the University’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to help fulfill its mission of service as a land-grant university. It’s a dynamic place where ideas are nurtured and propelled forward, and its rapid growth is a testament to the University’s commitment to advancement, collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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