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In each issue of EngineeringWV, we take a deep dive into the successes of the Statler College. Read about R1 classified research discoveries, accomplishments faculty, staff and students, while keeping up to date with our successful alumni and generous doors. The bi-annual publication helps our community stay connected by sharing exciting news and information about the College’s students, faculty and staff members, and alumni.

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Today, we rely on technology and connection to the internet for almost everything—to pay our bills, to work, to access data about our health, to keep in touch with our family and friends, and so much more. The shift to a digital world happened fast, with engineers paving the way. In this issue of EngineeringWV Magazine, we highlight Statler College engineers who are not only pioneering the areas of cybersecurity and biometrics, but are educating the public about safe uses of these systems and how to navigate our digital lives.

Read the Spring 2022 Issue
Engineering WV Spring 2022: Navigating the digital age