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Sunny Narayanan


Paving the way for space biomedical and medical research

The Statler College prepared Sunny Narayanan with experiential and unique opportunities that allowed him to create his own career path.

Narayanan graduated from WVU in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in biology. He later received a PhD in medical and space physiology.

The NASA Post-Doctoral Fellow currently focuses on leading and conducting space biomedical and medical research to support astronauts and help cure health problems on Earth at Florida State University.

“My inter-disciplinary and experiential education from WVU provided me with the foundation for my continued success,” Narayanan said. “My greatest pride is the success of the next generation of STEAM leaders through my involvement with programs such as the Astronaut Scholars Foundation, Zed Factor Fellowship, SEDS-USA, Global Brigades and the Space Generation Advisory Council.”