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Helping change lives through educational opportunities

Supply Chain Now - Scot W. Luton #44, Azaleah

Statler College biomedical engineering alumna Azaleah Davis is working to equip youth with the tools they need to live productive and fulfilling lives in a county riddled with poverty, food insecurity and an opioid crisis. Davis is the General Program Coordinator at Coda Mountain Academy, a non-profit organization in Fayette County, West Virginia, a program aimed at helping change lives through educational opportunities, after school programs and summer camps.

Born and raised in southern West Virginia, Davis is helping transform her community by giving youth a place to belong and engage in meaningful activities. Since graduating in 2019, Davis is also pursuing her career in supply change and logistics as a research analyst for Allegiant Logistics and began her MBA in innovation management at Regent University. Learn more about Davis’s work in “Something for the Heart, the Brain & for Laughs: Scott Luton interviews Azaleah Davis on Supply Chain Now.