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Benner named Associate Laboratory Director of Weapons Production at Los Alamos National Laboratory

John Benner

John Benner , a mechanical and aerospace engineering alumnus, has been named associate laboratory director of weapons production at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Benner has had a distinguished career at LANL in nuclear security for over 30 years. In this new role, Benner is responsible for integrating and aligning activities across the weapons program and supports operational oversight of weapons programs operations. He will also work closely with others across LANL and the entire nuclear weapons complex.

“The scope of this work is vast; not only do we have the technical challenge of achieving pit first production and rate production, but we also have ongoing programs of national importance that must be executed while the equipment and infrastructure for the pit mission is installed — all under the operational constraints of an active nuclear facility,” Benner said. “I am fortunate to be stepping into a role surrounded by a strong team of hardworking, dedicated people who help keep the mission moving forward.”

Benner is an active member of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Advisory Committee and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in 1987 and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1991.

LANL supports national security programs through research and development, design, maintenance and testing. The lab is responsible for producing and evaluating plutonium pits, nuclear weapon detonators, and other non-nuclear components.