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Meet the Grads: Soofia Lateef

Sofia Lateef laughs with friends while sitting on campus in Woodburn Circle.

Soofia Lateef (left),chemical engineering and philosophy double major (Submitted Photo)

Though she started her career at WVU as a chemical engineering major, senior Soofia Lateef decided to stick around for an extra year to complete her dual-degree inphilosophy.


“Early on, I decided to take an introductory philosophy class for fun. After that class, I simply wanted to learn more philosophy. That desire led me to my next philosophy class, then the next. I ended up with enough classes for the minor without intending to!” she said. “In my fourth year, I began to seriously consider completing a major in philosophy. I decided to, and it was a great choice. I am very lucky to be at a university that encourages this kind of exploration.”

During her five years at WVU, Lateef has learned to take advantage of all the opportunities available to her.

“WVU is an amazing place to study, particularly because of how many things you can experience. I was able to pursue two disparate majors, conduct research in biomedical engineering and nutrition labs, tutor, volunteer and much more,” Lateef said. “I love howbranching out is not only permitted but encouraged at WVU.”

She cites Professor David Cerbone’s PHIL 355 course, Existentialism, as one of her most challenging.

“Before this class, I had never written essays that were graded to such a high standard. I would toil away at an idea, talk to Professor Cerbone after many classes and still feel like I hadn’t developed it to where I wanted it to be,” Lateef said. “But I loved this process of ruminating over the arguments presented in class, considering my original arguments and making them as clear and strong as possible. Iʼm determined to keep improving these skills in graduate school.”

After graduation, she is headed to University of California, Riverside to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy.

“I look forward to moving to California and beginning graduate school,” said Lateef, a Bridgeport native. “It will be a huge change. I am bummed to leave West Virginia, but I am excited nonetheless.”



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