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WVU student awarded University Transportation Centers Annual Outstanding Student of the Year

Mohhammad Sujon

 Graduate Student Mohhammad Sujon has been awarded the University Transportation Centers Annual Outstanding Student of the Year for sustainable transportation infrastructure management (Submitted photo) 

A West Virginia University graduate student has been awarded the University Transportation Centers Annual Outstanding Student of the Year for research in collecting and harvesting traffic and pavement data to find intelligent solutions for sustainable transportation infrastructure management.

Story by Adrianne Uphold, Graduate Assistant


Mohhammad Sujon is a Bangladesh native and a civil and environmental engineering major. His research aims to develop a low-cost virtual weigh-in-motion technology that utilizes traffic data to meticulously evaluate present road conditions and make predictions of future conditions of pavement.  

“Sustainable transportation infrastructure management systems are one of the markers of vibrant communities and economies,” Sujon said. “My research will facilitate the United States Department of Transportation to employ their big data for developing a new infrastructure management system.” 

Sujon said creating these systems will support the high mobility needs of our society, while also being the least damaging option to the environment. Sujon’s research will help provide a high standard of traffic safety and service for society.  

Since 2019, Sujon has been working on this project under the supervision of Fei Dai, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering. Dai is the principal investigator of the research project.  

“Transportation is a crucial driver of economic and social development,” Dai said. “A sustainable transportation infrastructure system can efficiently connect people to jobs, education, health care and each other. This research can effectively help to improve society by developing techniques that can bring sustainability in the management system and finally obtain a sustainable transportation infrastructure system.” 

Dai noted Sujon first showed his excellence in civil engineering by undertaking interdisciplinary works through applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems in civil engineering. 

“He demonstrated a track record of academic publications in top-tier journals and conferences that reflected his research contribution to the body of civil engineering knowledge,” Dai said. “By working on these research projects, he started to understand the limitations in the transportation infrastructure management system in the US and brought out intellectual concepts that can overcome the challenges. This practical thinking about the limitations helps him to be a better engineer who can bring innovations to the transportation systems.” 

After Sujon’s expected graduation in summer 2022, he plans to continue his research and utilize his knowledge by joining the US DOT. 

“This award will inspire me to bring more technological innovations in transportation research that mitigate current research limitations and ensure a sustainable transportation system in the US,” Sujon said. 

Each year, the DOT invests millions of dollars in the maintenance of the transportation infrastructure to ensure the structural stability of pavement and surrounding constructions. DOT sponsors annual awards to recognize and honor eligible students supported by the University Transportation Center program for their achievements and promise for future contributions to the transportation field. Each recipient receives a $1,000 award and a certificate of achievement from DOT. 



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