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Meet the Grads: Ifenna Ekwenem

Photo of Ifenna Ekwenem in blue collared shirt with building and trees in background

Ifenna Ekwenem is graduating with his bachelor of science in computer engineering. He's interested in robotics and automation, and is currently researching creating systems of communications between unmanned vehicles and control systems. He's also looking forward to never having to take calculus again. (WVU Photo/Kaley LaQuea)

Welcome to our Meet the Grads series, highlighting the incredible students from the Statler College who are earning their degrees during the 2024 Spring Commencement. 

Q & A with Ifenna Ekwenem
Photo by Kaley LaQuea


Tell us a bit about your journey here at WVU.

I chose computer engineering at West Virginia University primarily because I had an interest in technology, not in the sense of being a developer. I was more fascinated about how things work, and I figured the only way I'll know properly how certain systems work was if I actually really learned the fundamentals behind that rather than just reading like a article or a Wikipedia page. I liked West Virginia too — honestly it was really the PRT. When I came to orientation, I felt like the PRT was cool. At the time I was 17, so it was just fascinating to me.

What are some of the highlights and memorable experiences you've had during your time at the Statler College?

I mean the electrical engineering labs were always very memorable. I always struggled with the bread boards and stuff. It's probably the only thing in my life I ever did that I knew I was gonna struggle with every semester. And Bits N' Bytes was always closed during finals week.

Can you tell us about a challenging moment that you and experienced in college and how you overcame it?

Honestly, Calc 4 was probably the hardest class I've ever taken in my life. But it came down to understanding that you don't always learn what you want, or you'll sometimes be put in a position where you can't always do what you like. You just have to learn to stick with it, and one day it's gonna be over.

What extracurriculars did you participate in during your time at WVU?

I started training in boxing back home in 2017 or 2018. I started taking it more consistently and serious and began training here in 2023. I like it because honestly it's more like chess than actually hitting people.

What advice do you have for incoming students? 

The one thing I would always say is make good friends. I don't mean just friends that you can have a good time with, friends that would really be there for you. Always study with your good friends. Don't be afraid to get outside and get sunlight.



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