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Faculty Sites

To allow faculty members to have a free, easy to use and professional web presence while adhering to the University's brand and accessibility guidelines, University Relations has created a simple process for creating new faculty websites. Faculty sites can include information that would typically be found on your CV along with information about your team, research, publications, and classes being taught.

Need an example?

View Yu Gu's faculty site as an example.

Making your request

  1. Faculty members will complete a faculty website request form
    1. Your College communicator is Paige Nesbit
    2. Your College professional technologist is Michelle Moirai
  2. University Relations will send an email notification to your College communicator and your prof tech to verify that the request is being received from an active faculty member who is eligible to have a site.
  3. University Relations will create a blank development site, and send a notification to you that the site is ready for content, with a copy going to the communicator/prof tech.
  4. Faculty members will need to accept the invitation to CleanSlate for themselves, not pass it along to another party.
    It is against University policy to allow others to access systems such as CleanSlate with your WVU login.
  5. If you wish to have a graduate student or another employee added to the site to assist in content management, a request that includes their mail or mix email address should be sent to your prof tech.
  6. It is the faculty member's responsibility to provide content for the site. If you need assistance in adding content to your site, please contact your prof tech.
  7. Learn more about managing and adding content to your new site or contact your prof tech to set-up a time for training.
  8. Faculty members should alert their prof tech when they are finished adding content to the site.
  9. The site will be reviewed first by your College communicator and prof tech, then by University Relations. Changes may need to be made prior to University Relations making the site live. When there are no further changes to be made, University Relations will go through their approval process. This process can take approximately two weeks.
  10. Upon final approval, University Relations will make the site live.
  11. The URL for the new site will be first
  12. If you would like to have access to Google Analytics for the site, you will need to provide your prof tech with your email address.
  13. You will continue to have full-access to your site to make changes as needed. If you need additional help making future content changes, please contact your prof tech.