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Photo of Peter Gall

WVU researcher develops methodology to merge operations of world’s largest airline group

This is an all-too familiar site to frequent travelers. The plane you are scheduled to fly on has a technical or maintenance issue. The airline is scrambling to find another plane despite the fact that one of its partners has a plane sitting idle at the next gate. Thanks to West Virginia University Teaching Assistant Professor Pete Gall, that may be coming to an end for the world’s largest airline group.

Photo of CAFEE test vehicle

New WVU study examines pump-to-wheels methane emissions from the natural gas-fueled heavy-duty transportation sector

A study of methane emissions from heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicles and refueling stations by West Virginia University scientists at the Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions, recently published by Environmental Science & Technology, greatly expands on very limited data on methane emissions from natural gas-fueled vehicles. The WVU pump-to-wheels study is the first end-use paper in a collaborative scientific research series designed to measure and better understand the sources and amount of greenhouse-gas methane that is emitted across the natural gas supply chain.