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A portrait of John Hu and Xingbo Liu

WVU engineers receive $3 million DOE award to capture emissions at shale gas production sites

A three-year collaborative project to develop a new low-cost process to convert natural gas that is commonly flared at industrial sites could benefit a number of industrial sectors including the carbon fiber industry, carbon composite, electronics, electrical arc steel making, polymer additives and many others, all while having a positive effect on the economy and environment.

Arvind Thiruvengadam (left) and Saroj Pradhan (right) check for leaks in the natural gas fuel system of a refuse truck.

Can heavy-duty diesel vehicles afford the switch to alternative fuels? WVU engineer to address critical knowledge gap

While personal vehicles that use electricity, propane or natural gas have gained popularity thanks to availability and affordability, heavy-duty vehicles like 18-wheelers and buses have been slow to change gears because of maintenance costs. But those vehicles, while only 5 percent of the traffic on the road, are responsible for 20 percent of transportation emissions.