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Adam Al-Mulla

Statler College alumnus, Adam Al-Mulla, serves as delegate in UNESCO

A strong educational background in engineering from West Virginia University and Oregon State University has served as the foundation for Adam Al-Mulla’s work as Kuwait’s permanent delegate in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since his appointment in February 2019. During his four-year term, Al-Mulla will be stationed in Paris, according to an article published at Oregon State University.

Allison Arnold

Meet the Grads, Allison Arnold: A diverse journey led her to become a versatile engineer

Allison Arnold was born with a heart condition requiring surgery at just 18 months old. Her life was saved by the treatments she received through outstanding medical techniques and solutions from the  West Virginia University Medicine Children’s Hospital. As a result, when she embarked upon a doctoral degree at WVU, Arnold felt driven to study engineered human-compatible materials.