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Moriah Katt conducting research

Moriah Katt: Breaching the barricade

Moriah Katt’s artificial model of the blood-brain barrier’s cells and vessels is like an ant farm. A working replica of the vascular system separating the brain from the body, Katt’s model allows her to see and manipulate the inner processes of that almost impermeable membrane.

Amirah Mitchell

Amirah Mitchell: Intersecting AI with human emotion

In the summer of 2022, Amirah Mitchell started working on developing an artificial intelligence program that would understand human emotion, using deep learning approach. This was after she was given the opportunity to be a part of WVU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. The biomedical engineering undergraduate researcher used the opportunity to start her project on how the technology could predict the emotional state of humans, whether happy, sad, angry, etc.