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Aubri Paredes works at her computer.

Meet the Grads: Aubri Paredes

Aubri Paredes’ day doesn’t begin like most of her fellow classmates. As a member of the Army ROTC at West Virginia University, her day begins with ruck marches, pushups, pullups and cardio training all before the start of her 8 a.m. Design of Productive Systems class.

A portrait of Nithi Sivaneri

Four WVU employees honored for excellence in advising

Each year the WVU Academic Advising Council at the direction of the Provost’s Office selects honorees for the Nicholas Evans Awards for Advising Excellence in recognition of outstanding advising and mentoring provided by faculty and professional advisors at WVU. The awards are in honor of Dr. Nicholas Evans, a lifelong proponent and exemplar of undergraduate advising at WVU.

Sofia Lateef laughs with friends while sitting on campus in Woodburn Circle.

Meet the Grads: Soofia Lateef

Though she started her career at WVU as a chemical engineering major, senior Soofia Lateef decided to stick around for an extra year to complete her dual-degree inphilosophy.